Rob Riches, a thrilling puzzler with over 100 unique puzzles, is launching on mobile next month

Rob Riches, a thrilling puzzler with over 100 unique puzzles, is launching on mobile next month
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Megapop has just announced that its block-based puzzle adventure game Rob Riches will be hitting the virtual shelves in November for Steam and mobile. Described as a love letter to the puzzle adventure genre, Rob Riches is a beautiful combination of world exploration and puzzle-solving.

You play as Rob Riches, a daredevil adventurer who traverses the globe in search of mysterious riches. It's like he has an obsession with them. He just needs to find every single treasure present on the planet. In the game, our globetrotter sets off on a journey spanning three massive temples belonging to the ancient Maya, ferocious Vikings, and mummified Egyptian cultures. These temples were overflowing with treasures, and where there’s treasure, there’s Rob Riches.

However, it becomes evident to Rob fairly soon that these riches preferred to remain untouched. It is going to be a challenge for him to reach the final treasure and it is up to you to control him to ensure that he gets what he wants. The game will feature over 100 unique puzzles. Challenge yourself by trying to solve all of them using the fewest steps possible, while also finding hidden treasures along the way.

Megapop has also launched a new walkthrough gameplay trailer for Rob Riches that you can check out below:

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Not to be confused with the UK born fitness model of the same name, our Rob Riches is an adrenaline loving treasure hunter hellbent on solving the most challenging puzzles simply to uncover secrets and discover hidden treasures. The game will launch on November 16th simultaneously for Android, iOS and Steam. It will be priced for a premium that is currently not known as the developers have really put their heart and soul into the game, even receiving an honourable mention at the Big Indie Pitch. Hundreds of tests have also helped to ensure a smooth experience at launch.

Adventure awaits you, Rob Riches, see you on the puzzle board!

Check out the official Rob Riches Discord channel and also the Steam page. The game should show up on mobile stores soon.

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