Rivengard, a fantasy RPG by Snowprint Studios, is featured in Apple's Founder's Campaign alongside an assortment of other great games

Rivengard, a fantasy RPG by Snowprint Studios, is featured in Apple's Founder's Campaign alongside an assortment of other great games
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Rivengard, from developer Snowprint Studios of Legend of Solgard fame, has been selected to be part of the App Store Founders Campaign. This campaign is designed to celebrate the apps and games that were part of the App Store Foundations Program. It aims to celebrate and spotlight developers from Europe and give them an opportunity to explain the processes and thoughts behind their creations.

In the case of Rivengard, we’ve got a classic fantasy RPG that features award-winning turn-based tactics and an absolutely massive cast of characters. The developers, the aforementioned Snowprint Studios, explained that the aim with Rivengard was to “bring heroes to life” and “give players a fun experience filled with strategy”. They also, of course, noted how grateful they were to be in the same program as the numerous other incredible European developers.

Personally, I think this Founders Program is a superb way to get the word out about apps that might have flown under the radar of audiences outside of Europe. There are a lot of really cool creations and games that don’t even breach the top 100 due to the abundance of games that all look and play a whole lot like each other. It can be easy to forget that there’s some real creativity in our pockets but sometimes, you just have to look for it.

Rivengard is just one of the handful of apps to be selected for the Founder’s Campaign. Alongside it, you’ve also got 1sland, a puzzle game developed by a pair of brothers. Then, Equilab, an app made for actual horse riders, acting as a go-to resource for over 1 million fans of the sport. Next, Structured is a scheduling and planning app to assist with daily tasks and life balancing. These are the top 3 featured on the Founder’s page, but I’d heavily suggest taking a peek at all of them so you can truly appreciate the mix of talent on display here. It’s all quite impressive.

In the case of Rivengard, if you’re looking for a fantasy RPG to sink your teeth into, you can find it completely free on both the App Store and Google Play. But be sure to take a gander at the Founder’s Page as well, as there’s a good assortment of other fantastic games and apps that are worth your time!

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