Myst sequel Riven coming to iPhone and iPad, first screenshots

Stoneship spin-off puzzler confirmed

Myst sequel Riven coming to iPhone and iPad, first screenshots
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Earlier this year, fans of Cyan’s near-illogical adventure app Myst were no doubt ecstatic to see that the game’s sequel, Riven, will soon be heading to iPhone and iPod touch too.

Cyan has since dropped some giant news nuggets on the progress of the game on its official forums and website.

Employee ‘Chogon’ writes on the site’s message boardRiven for the iPhone and iPod touch is coming along quite well and is looking like early fall. Riven HD for iPad is planned for sometime after that.”

Plus, the developer has chucked up a page for the game on its website. “Remember Atrus’ trap book, the Moiety intervention, the mag-lev ride, the Jungle village, Catherine’s prison, Gehn’s Age, the Wahrk throne?” Cyan asks. “No, but let’s run with it,” we respond.

The site also has a deep encyclopedia of information on the new game, plus this doozy - the game will be about 1.5GB big, and will likely be the biggest app on iTunes. You’re recommended to download it on your PC and sync it across, and you’ll need 2GB of free space to get the game running. 8GB owners, we weep for you.

Touch Arcade astutely noticed that Cyan’s website also packs a cheeky ad banner, which takes you to a sneak peak at Cyan’s latest iOS app - Stoneship. Savvy Myst fans will (apparently) recognise that name as one of the ages in the adventure series, and this naval combat-looking game might somehow tie into the grander Myst mythos. Mysthos.

Riven is expected to launch on iPhone and iPod touch later this year, with an iPad edition, Riven HD, following soon after.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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