Build your own battleship in crafty new iPad game Rigonauts

Lego to war

Build your own battleship in crafty new iPad game Rigonauts
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Build-your-own battleship game Rigonauts - from indie studio Engient - has finally made the leap from PC to iPad, and is now available from all major App Store outlets.

In this game, you have to build ramshackle war machines for a race of goblin-like critters called Hobs. So, you'll snap weapons and building blocks to a big pirate ship hull, then let your unwieldy contraption lurch into battle.

In an awkward bot of its own, your opponent will fire back (so you need to think about armouring your tank) and have obvious architectural weak points (so you need to target those as your main priority).

As you trundle through the game's 30-odd levels, you'll eventually take control of wobbling great jalopies that are brimming with cannons and flamethrowers and electric shocks and balloons.

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Like Rovio's Bad Piggies, Rigonauts is a modular game about tinkering with the exact placement of each element, and the playful, unpredictable physics when it all goes wrong. It's fun stuff, and endlessly replayable.

Sadly, this iPad port is about as rickety as the war machines in the game itself. Yep, Rigonauts crashes every few levels, and looks pretty unsightly on our iPad mini. It's a real shame - hopefully, an update is forthcoming.

If all that doesn't deter you, the game's out now on iPad, and costs £1.49 / $1.99. It wobbled onto Android, for the same price, late last year.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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