Vlambeer's Ridiculous Fishing surfaces from the murky depths of the App Store

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Vlambeer's Ridiculous Fishing surfaces from the murky depths of the App Store
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The much-anticipated (and long-awaited) indie collaboration Ridiculous Fishing is finally here. The game is available now for iPhone and iPad as a Universal app.

The game comes from Super Crate Box creator Vlambeer, Spelunky composer Eirik Suhrke, Hundreds artist Greg Wohlwend, and SpellTower creator Zach Gage.

It's about dodging, catching, and shooting fish. You see, you want to dodge fish as your lure drops to the bottom of the sea. But if you snag a guppy and start hurtling back to the surface, you'll now want to catch as many fish as possible.

Then, back on the boat, angler Billy will lob his catch into the air and blast them to pieces with various high-powered weapons. Congrats: you just made a wad of cash (and supper).

Ridiculous Fishing

There's also an in-game shop, from where you can buy longer lines, hats, more powerful guns, hats, high-tech lures, and other handy gadgets. And hats.

It's all about in-game money here, we should note. You won't find any in-app purchases in this game.

And there are multiple fishing spots, 66 species of fish, a Twitter parody called Byrdr, and an endless mode with Game Center leaderboards. We'll have a guide to the lot up on the site later this morning.

We think you'll like this game. In our Gold Award review of it, we said, "Ridiculous Fishing may have a strange premise, but give it half an hour and it blossoms into one of the most innovative, well-balanced, and addictive games of the year."

Ridiculous Fishing will cost ya £1.99 / $2.99.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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