Radical Fishing follow-up Ridiculous Fishing splashing onto iOS before end of March

Dynamite at the ready

Radical Fishing follow-up Ridiculous Fishing splashing onto iOS before end of March
| Ridiculous Fishing

Ridiculous Fishing, Vlambeer's iOS follow-up to popular Flash title Radical Fishing, will splash onto the App Store sometime before the end of March.

As its name suggests, Ridiculous Fishing is, well, pretty darn ridiculous.

Sure, your aim in this action-packed title is to catch a variety of different fish, which isn't really that out of the ordinary.

You do this, however, using an arsenal of automatic weapons and powerful explosives, rather than a fisherman's standard kit.

A step in the right direction

Back in August 2011, San Francisco-based developer Gamenauts released a Radical Fishing clone called Ninja Fishing, which quickly shot to #7 on Apple's App Store chart.

Naturally, the guys at Vlambeer were disappointed, disheartened, and more than a little hacked off by this development.

Now, though, there's a little more optimism surrounding Ridiculous Fishing's upcoming release.

"Since the whole cloning debacle I haven't been positive about the game, but now I can tell: this is going to be fucking cool," Vlambeer's Jan Willem Nijman told Control Magazine.

"There's so much new stuff in there, the game is so much more substantial. You can keep playing for hours."

Anthony Usher
Anthony Usher
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