Namco Bandai reveals Ridge Racer Gold Pass - free DLC to early adopters

Demos and DLC also bound for Shinobido 2 and Touch My Katamari

Namco Bandai reveals Ridge Racer Gold Pass - free DLC to early adopters
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Namco Bandai has announced that Ridge Racer, Shinobido 2, and Touch My Katamari on the PS Vita will all be getting DLC content post launch.

Gamers planning on picking up the Bronze-awarded Ridge Racer for their shiny new PlayStation Vitas later this month will be find a Ridge Racer Gold Pass tucked inside the box (along with, hopefully, the game itself).

This pass grants you access to five new cars, three new courses, and new songs to listen to as you power-slide relentlessly around corners.

However, unlike the usual Online Pass that home console games have been getting recently, the Gold Pass will only be included in the initial shipment of retail boxes, and only available with download copies purchased before March 31st.

Those who miss out on the offer (or anyone buying the game pre-owned) will have to purchase the Gold Pass for the equivalent of €6.99 if they want access to the content.

Passing Go

Namco Bandai has also announced that it will be dishing out demos and DLC for its other launch titles.

Both stylish ninja action sequel Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen and Japanese delicacy Touch My Katamari (another Pocket Gamer Bronze medallist) will have demos available to test out.

Post-launch DLC is lined up for both games with Shinobido hinting at additional boss rush modes and Katamari gaining new downloadable missions and music tracks.

Ridge Racer, Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen, and Touch My Katamari will launch alongside the PlayStation Vita on February 22nd.