E3 2011: Ridge Racer to coast onto PS Vita

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E3 2011: Ridge Racer to coast onto PS Vita

For every Sony console there has always been a Ridge Racer, and among all the shiny PS Vita news seeping out of E3 comes word of the classic arcade racer once again.

Whilst we haven’t heard much in the way of specific details, we do know that Ridge Racer for PS Vita will take advantage of the unique features of the next-gen handheld, such as the gryo and the accelerometer.

It's also been confirmed that Cellius's Hideo Teramoto, of Ridge Racer 7 fame, will be working on the title.

As of now, the game is simply being referred to as Ridge Racer, but we can expect that to change given it’ll be approximately the 3 millionth game in the franchise.

Confirmation from Namco of a release date hasn't been given, but if history's any guide, we should be drifting around in top notch Ridge Racer machinery at the same time PS Vita is launched in the autumn.