I-play's Ricochet bouncing onto mobile

Classic web puzzler breaks out onto phones

I-play's Ricochet bouncing onto mobile

The third game to result from I-play's partnership with web casual games firm iWin is Ricochet, another 80-level puzzle game.

The basic gameplay may already look rather familiar though. Yes, Ricochet has been 'influenced' by classic bat'n'bricks title Breakout.

The action takes place across four worlds – Sunken City, Volcanic Crust, Mayan Temple and Alien Tech – and there are all manner of power-ups to collect. Just like Breakout, in other words, except with swankier backdrops.

Still, this sort of thing works well on mobile, and there are four difficulty levels, so the game should prove challenging whatever your ability when it bounces along later in the year.