Retro Bowl: Some tips to help you gain yards in the running game

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Retro Bowl: Some tips to help you gain yards in the running game

Punish them on the ground.

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Retro Bowl is a complete football experience for mobile featuring fun, classic gameplay as well as unique management abilities. So you'll get the chance to not only play on the field, you get to call the shots, making different moves on the roster.

You can draft rookies, make trades, sign free agents, etc. Then, you can take your squad to the field and make some sweet plays. As you know, there are many key elements to the sport of American football. From offense to defense and special teams among other things.

Although it's not as popular nowadays in football, running the ball can be just as impactful as anything else on the field. On many occasions, some of the best teams in the NFL will have good to great running backs. The quarterback is still the most critical position, but a great RB can change the dynamic of a game. Here are a few tips to help you out on the ground.

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Find The Gap

Any run play can be effective in Retro Bowl, but one of the smarter ways to go about is to have one where you run it up the middle. The key here is to find the open gap and breakthrough. Unless you're really getting stuffed, you should at least be able to gain a yard or two on the play, and every yard matters.

Going with an outside run play is fine but they're riskier because the defense could be ready for it. However, with the right moves, you can certainly get a nice gain out of it. But, running it up the middle, with good offensive line protection could really help.

It's all just a matter of finding daylight and bursting through. Like the late great Gale Sayers once famously said: "18 inches of daylight, that's all I need" and the same can be true for you, the future Hall of Fame mobile football legend that you'll become.

Juke Your Way Out of Danger

The gameplay in Retro Bowl is classic but also high quality and good fun. One of the deadliest moves you can perform in football, including in the game, is the juke move. In some football games, the juking might be a little off, but here, it's a great weapon.

Whether you're running up the gut or running on the outside, utilize those juke moves. Just make sure you time them as well as you can. Luckily, the speed in Retro Bowl is crazy fast, so you'll have time to make your moves better.

Good jukes can be very powerful when used properly. They can be especially great if you're only a few yards away from the end zone and need to gain some separation out there. So keep this mind when running the ball throughout a game.

If a Play Worked Once, Try it Again

One thing that can be key in Retro Bowl or any football game for that matter (including Madden) is running the same play twice in a row. Sometimes, a run play may work beautifully the first time. If so, feel to use it again and see what happens. Who knows, you may get another nice gain.

If it doesn't work the second time, then you can switch it up. You can do this anyway, but feel free to experiment the same play usage from time to time. A defense just may not be able to handle that play, especially if you have a good offensive line to block for you.

Having a great running back who can pick up those extra yards isn't such a bad thing either. It's easy to think that running the same play might not work but you'll be surprised, you might find yourself successful again. But, I would say twice in a row the max, maybe three if you got the first down.


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