Resident Evil: Degeneration to infect the iPhone

You can’t put the Umbrella down

Resident Evil: Degeneration to infect the iPhone

We saw the Resident Evil: Degeneration movie the other week and, just like the game, we thought it was pretty alright. Better than the woefully sluggish Resident Evil 5 demo we grabbed off Xbox Live, anyway.

But you’re not here to read DVD reviews or wax critical about Xbox Live nonsense. Fortunately, we do have some great handheld Resident Evil news for you. It seems that Degeneration is coming to the iPhone, and it appears to borrow quite heavily from the excellent Resident Evil 4 styling.

You’ll be able to view the action over Leon’s shoulder as he attempts to break through the zombie infested airport, aiming by sliding your finger around the screen and moving with a virtual D-pad.

The mobile version of Resident Evil: Degeneration bagged itself a Bronze Award, while the N-Gage iteration was given a very healthy Silver, so there’s a lot to look forward to in the iPhone version due this spring.