Republique exceeds its $500,000 Kickstarter goal in a dramatic finish

Triple-A mobile gaming fun on the horizon

Republique exceeds its $500,000 Kickstarter goal in a dramatic finish
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Despite some nervousness as the project entered its final week, Republique has achieved its Kickstarter funding goal in the last few hours of its campaign.

At time of writing, the Kickstarter campaign has raised $536,256 based on the contributions of 11,039 backers.

Its stated development budget was $500,000.

Reach out and touch something

In Republique, you take on the role of the omniscient big brother as you try and protect the game’s protagonist, Hope, from harm by slamming doors in the face of enemies and calling elevators to help her escape.

The role reversal is a pleasing change from the standard 2001: A Space Odyssey portrayal of artificial intelligence programs as rogue systems to be feared by players and protagonists alike.

Great expectations

We reported back on Republique’s funding drive back at its launch in April, and we are pleased to see the game meet its funding goals.

With in-house talent that has worked on the development of games such as Metal Gear Solid and Halo, the end result will be a game worth watching and one that we will certainly keep you updated on.

Matthew Diener
Matthew Diener
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