Red's Kingdom gets 50 new levels in a HUGE update

He'd do anything for those nuts

Red's Kingdom gets 50 new levels in a HUGE update
| Red's Kingdom

Not too long after it was released, Red's Kingdom is kicking it up a notch as it's just got a huge new update to keep up busy.

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To summarise quickly, Red's Kingdom is a squirrelly puzzler in which you have to journey through a series of rooms in search of your precious golden nut - oh, and your daddio. Solve the rooms, fight ferocious foes, unearth hidden treasures, and collect plenty on nuts on your way.

Version 1.3 brings us an entire new land to explore. It's time to search for another elusive golden nut and battle the Mad Monk Marmots in 50 action-packed levels. In the finer details, you've also got a nut counter and the Solas Oracle to help you find all hidden treasure.

We enjoyed it enough to give it Pocket Gamer's respectable Silver Award, so why not check it out? Grab it on the App Store for £2.99/$2.99 now.