Red Out Racer

Futuristic hover-pod racing comes to your mobile phone in glorious 3D

Red Out Racer
| Red Out Racer

Running more smoothly and quickly than any mobile phone racing game before it, Red Out Racing is looking like an exciting prospect for a number of reasons. Not only does it emulate the PSP favourite Wipe Out in offering players a chance to zip around futuristic racing tracks in speedy hover pods, it also boasts a rocking techno/electronic sound track.

Presented in real 3D on Java 3D and Mascot Capsule handsets, Red Out Racer invites mobile gamers to take part in a futuristic racing-tournament and compete against the best pod-pilots of the world. Racing on 16 different tracks that are located in 4 locations on a far away planet, players have to improve their flying-skills and learn how to use a huge number of power-ups in order to be the first to cross the finishing line.

The in-game music is being provided by the Maniacs of Noise. “MON have a notorious reputation for composing great sounding and individual tunes”, explains Markus Schuetze, Product Manager at IN-FUSIO. “In combination with its awesome looking 3D-graphics, the five songs that Maniacs of Noise will contribute to Red Out Racer will definitely lift the experience of mobile-gaming to a new level. Although mobile phones are now feature-packed, it is still a challenge to implement great sounding tunes not only in menu-screens but within the actual game-play. With the aid of Maniacs of Noise, IN-FUSIO will provide gamers with exactly this feature: a pumping electronica-soundtrack that is a substantial part of the racing-experience and not just cosmetics.”

The game will be released in the autumn and will feature a selection of different pods, each boasting different capabilities. Some will offer a high top speed at the expense of handling and acceleration, while others will be far more nippy and manoeuvrable. In fact, it promises to offer something for everyone; speed-freaks will enjoy disappearing over the horizon while the less rapid among us will relish bringing them down to size with a well-timed power-up. Keep an eye out for more news on Red Out Racing here at Pocket Gamer!