AR shooter Reality Clash deploys for Western Europe and UK

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AR shooter Reality Clash deploys for Western Europe and UK
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Reality Clash is one of those games which are hard to sum up in a single sentence. The core of the game is an AR-experience which has you trundling around a digitalised take on the real world as you toddle about your business. Real-world locations become safe spots, controllable nodes or places to collect up items and weapons. Also out there, however, are other players who you can enter into VR-style duels with.

When you're not exploring the back-alleys of your town or slinging bullets at fellow players you can trade off your extra items and guns using a storefront which ties into that cryptocurrency-blockchain stuff. See what I mean about the single sentence thing?

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It has been slowing popping up around the world over the last 6-7 months, however up until late last month it hadn't yet arrived in the UK. That's changed now though, and you can download it on the Google Play store and the App Store right now. AR games are certainly nothing new nowadays, however the VR shooting looks well done, especially the movement tracking, and among that weapon system which was discussed earlier there's the ability to build and customise the guns. Combat is skill-based, with no microtransactions for that part, and the customisation options for weapons seem to fit well with that business model.

There are ads, that said, which are presented within the VR experience, there's also rewards to be nabbed from walking into the stores of sponsors. Finally, you can feed money into the storefront if you wish (via RCCs which can be bought in multiple ways) if you can't quite raise enough for the weapon you're looking at on the storefront.

For a quick peek at some of the weapons available from the storefront you can actually check it out online, their website has a section called armoury which shows off some of the more limited edition weapons which are moving around within the ecosystem.

Ultimately these AR games are powered by their community, so time will tell whether it manages to create enough of a user base in the UK, however it's definitely doing enough new stuff in smart ways to warrant some success.

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