Exclusive iPhone video of Firemint Real Racing

iPhone driving games taken to a new level

Exclusive iPhone video of Firemint Real Racing
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Of all the available iPhone games, it’s the platform’s racers that have really shown what Apple’s device is capable of in terms of speed and 3D visuals. But judging by the pre-beta footage we’ve received from Firemint, the competition is about to be seriously ramped up.

Australian developer Firemint has already cut its teeth on iPhone driving games like Fast and Furious: Pink Slip and mobile hit World Rally Championship, but it seems CEO Robert Murray wasn’t exaggerating when he said, "I really believe that we have the best racing game on any handheld device, and I would hope that some of the unique features will make a splash,” in a PocketGamer.Biz interview.

Firemint Real Racing puts you on a super-slick racetrack, allowing for either first or third person perspectives of the action. Despite this video being taken of a pre-beta build, the visuals and game speed are out of this world, and they come with the promise of some expansive connectivity features.

Head-to-head multiplayer racing over the network or via wi-fi will be accompanied by the option to upload your best times to Firemint's web-based community, and even create mini-leagues with your friends.

There’ll also be a spin-off Facebook and OpenSocial application, letting you show off your prowess to friends on social networks.

Previously Firemint expressed concerns over landing the right publisher for Real Racing, though thanks to the proliferation of the App Store’s popularity since the development began, the developer has now decided to self-publish.

This has been a huge developmental investment for Firemint, and even with a game as impressive as Real Racing it’s no small task to rake in a profit from current App Store pricing tiers. At least when it’s self-published there’ll be one less cut of the booty to hand out.

Take a look at the exclusive pre-beta video of Firemint Real Racing below, then go check out our other in-game footage and we’re sure you’ll be as stoked as we are about this new level in iPhone gaming.

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