Real Racing 3: Tips to help you burn some rubber

Real Racing 3: Tips to help you burn some rubber

Master the wheel, reap the rewards

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Real Racing 3 is one of the best car games on mobile and made our top 25 racing games list and for good reason. It's a simulation game, of sorts, by EA, and features different variations of circuit types. When you start out, you'll first enter the F1 circuit to test your skills - but more options follow promptly.

From there, you can compete in more races and unlock more car styles and races. The controls are fun and different from other games that are out there. What's unique is that you get to use your phone as a steering wheel to control your ride. 

This makes things feel more authentic, and in some ways takes you back when you used to go to an arcade or restaurant with games. You find the nearest racing game with its connected steering wheel, as it looks at you at temps you to give it the old spin. That's sort of the feeling you get from Real Racing 3, and here are some things to keep in mind when on the track. 

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Steer that phone like a pro

As mentioned, the coolest thing about Real Racing 3's controls is that you can steer your car with your phone. It's very 1-to-1 and feels pretty realistic. Make sure to get yourself cozy with this style of control, and have fun with it too. Control kind of depends on the vehicle you're driving.

This is because some cars might steer easier than others. For example, the indy cars from the F1 circuit are quick and make sharper turns. These are things to keep in mind when driving. It's all about having the perfect balance on turns.

Don't go too easy, but don't turn too much either. Just nice smooth tilts of the phones. Once you get the hang of it, it feels pretty satisfying. It makes you feel like you're driving a real race car in small ways. And your car will drive automatically (at least starting out) so all you need to focus on is steering.

Try to avoid bumping into other cars

This isn't something that will make or break your race, but it's something to take note of. One of the things they will score you on is your ability to stay on course and avoid collisions. Sure, it might be kind of fun to give cars little hits, but try to stay clear of them.

By making sure you do this, you'll be better rewarded. And when you earn currency, you can purchase new customization items for your rides. You'll also be able to unlock some new cars to add to your collection so it's good to try to have some clean races.

Again, it's not going to destroy your winnings, so try not to stress over it. If you can do it though, then go for it, and enjoy the rewards.

Check out some new cars

For most vehicles, you will need to unlock them by participating in races, but feel free to sort through them to see which ones you want to earn. There is a slew of sweet rides to choose from. Keep in mind that most of them are locked so you need to earn those keys.

But, in the meantime, feel free to browse through the different brands to see which cars you may want. Then set a goal for yourself to achieve some of the cars. From Ford and Honda to fancier brands like Bentley and Bugatti, there's a little something for everyone's tastes.

Early on, there should be a couple of cars available for you to purchase. They aren't incredible, but they are nice when starting out. But, just keep on racing and building up your reputation. Partici[ate in some of the limited time events too, and you'll be collecting cars in no time.

Tweak the assists

There are some assists in Real Racing 3, Some help you with steering while others might give you a lift in braking. Starting out, I'd recommend leaving these assists on. However, once you start to get comfortable racing, then feel free to tweak these to your liking.

By lowering the assist or turning them off, you have an opportunity to earn greater rewards. You still should be well rewarded regardless, but your checks will be juicier with the assists lowered. Aside from what you can earn, it could be fun to challenge yourself.

If you feel ready, then give it a shot to see how you like it. If you find it too difficult, then leave the assists on. The last thing you want to do is get frustrated because you wanted to push yourself too hard. Play around with things. That's the cool thing about the game is that it allows you to do that so have at it and enjoy.


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