Ubisoft finally confirms Rayman Legends for PS Vita

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Ubisoft finally confirms Rayman Legends for PS Vita
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The buzz around a Vita version of Rayman Legends has been brewing since June 2012, when Ubisoft first revealed that it wasn't going to be a Wii U exclusive.

Since then, we've been waiting for confirmation that the sequel to the Gold Award-winning Rayman Origins would be bouncing its way onto Sony's powerful portable.

Well, we can stop waiting. That's because Ubisoft has finally confirmed that Rayman Legends will be available for the Vita on the same day as it'll be available for home consoles. That day is August 30th.

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Furthermore, the Vita version of Rayman Legends will feature five exclusive maps in which you can play as Murphy, the greenbottle fly.

We bemoaned the lack of multiplayer in Rayman Origins, so the news that Legends will include a local multiplayer mode is music to our ears.

There's no word yet on whether 3DS owners will be able to get their hands on Rayman's next platforming adventure, but we'll keep you posted when we know more.

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