Rapture - World Conquest squashes Civilization into five minutes, out now on iOS

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Rapture - World Conquest squashes Civilization into five minutes, out now on iOS
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Tundra Games has released Rapture - World Conquest for iOS today so it's time to give your fingers a work out, I reckon.

Rapture is a fast-paced strategy game in which you play a god and lead a civilisation on a global conquest in order to escape the apocalypse.

It's a strategy game for people who may find the genre a bit slow and dull, really. Each game lasts about five minutes, you see.

But, certainly, anyone can enjoy it - it's very accessible once you work out the bustling interface. It's all taps and drag-and-drop, with your mind throwing out strategies as you spot them.

You may have read my rather enthusiastic preview of it a couple of weeks ago. It surprised me with how chaotic it all is while retaining some of what makes Civilization so special.

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It's best compared to First Strike, if anything, except it's much more frantic if less explosive. Though, saying that, you do get to cast earthquakes and hurricanes at will.

My thoughts on the game are summed up as this: "Unlike other strategy games it gets your mind racing, reacting to what's happening, and before you realise it's all over and you're raring to go again."

If you want to give it a look, you can purchase Rapture - World Conquest for £1.99 / $2.99 on iOS right now.

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