Ragnarok Origin, Gravity's fantasy MMORPG, has released on Android and iOS worldwide.

Ragnarok Origin, Gravity's fantasy MMORPG, has released on Android and iOS worldwide.
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After its successful beta run in late September and its growing popularity in Korea and Japan, Gravity has released Ragnarok Origin in English worldwide.

About the game

Ragnarok Origin is a new take on Ragnarok Online, the much loved fantasy MMORPG that came out in 2002. In Ragnarok Origin, players can explore the beautiful world of Midgard while battling enemies and completing quests to maintain peace and order in the world. They can customise their own character and become a hero. Whether you join a guild or plan on going solo, the wide variety of playstyles means there is always something for everyone.

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There are six character classes to master, from Swordsmen to Merchants. Ragnarok Origin gives you complete freedom to explore. Make your way across the forest to explore the mysterious dungeons. If you need a change of scenery, head over to the four massive cities. You can fight creatures and monsters ranging from adorable to straight-up deadly. Dress your avatar up with the Latest MMORPG fashion to flex your great taste and make new friends from all over the world.

Ragnarok Origin is now out on Android and iOS

If you pre-registered, you stand to win rewards that include, but are not limited to, Potions, Meow Meow flu Masks and Lucky Farming Candy when you download it. Ragnarok Origin is now out in English worldwide, and interested players can now download it from Google Play and the App Store.

If you are a fan of classic MMORPGs or simply have a soft spot for games from the early 2000s, Ragnarok Origin is here for you. Not only is it an improved take on the genre, but it is also convenient as you can play it anywhere from just your phone.

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