Race After 1977 skids through nuclear apocalypse to crash onto iPhone

Rust and glory

Race After 1977 skids through nuclear apocalypse to crash onto iPhone
| Race After 1977

I'm sure 1977 was important for many things, but as year zero for Star Wars - or Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope as it's tiresomely now known - perhaps it would have been better for everyone concerned if as Xpect Games suggests, 'They nuked the world, now you race the remains'.

That's the background to its apocalyptic game Race After 1977, which has you driving through a Mad Max-style backdrop.

Crash, bang, wallop

As you might expect, this is no Gran Turismo; instead the theme is arcade. Very arcadey. Indeed, having had a pre-release build of the game, I have to say that I found it almost unplayable using either the tilt controls or the touch steering wheel.

However, using auto accelerate and digital left and right buttons for control was perfect, enabling you to slip and slide around the corners like an eel over an oily sheet of silk. That's useful too as the other racers can be fairly aggressive, and most of the levels have alternative routes through them.

In terms of the game structure, there are 10 tracks in five environments i.e. each is reversed. You choose between nine vehicles, each of which has its own attributes. You unlock them as you play through the main Story mode.

There are also Quick Play and Tutorial modes, and three difficulty settings. Achievements and leaderboards are supported using Game Center.

Race After 1977 is available now for iPhone and iPod touch, priced $4.99, €3.99 or £2.99. There will also be an iPad version, including iPad 2 optimised graphics out soon.

Here's the video trailer.

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