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Ubisoft launches Rabbids at Versailles, an AR game in the garden of Versailles for children

Ubisoft launches Rabbids at Versailles, an AR game in the garden of Versailles for children

If you have children and want to take them to the gardens at the Palace of Versailles, you can now treat them to a wonderful game that’s set there! Ubisoft has partnered with the Palace of Versailles to release an augmented reality game called Rabbids @ Versailles. It will consist of 10 games for children to learn and enjoy, all set in the gardens of Versailles.

Here’s the crux of the game – The Rabbids have invaded the gardens of Versailles and players have been tasked with freeing the garden of these visitors. Families can also enjoy a treasure hunt in the game, with the treasure being the mysterious Rabbid Louis XIV.

Because the game has been made in AR, it uses geolocation to automatically start the mini-games based on the visitor’s location in the gardens. Iconic locations will be available including the Latona Basin, the Parterre of the Orangery and the groves found around the French gardens.

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With each mini-game, children will learn more about their surroundings, like the hydraulic systems in the Latona Basin and where the trees in the Orangery came from. They’ll also gain pieces of Rabbid Louis XIV along the way.

The audio guide app will also feature numerous itineraries for families to choose from as they enjoy the lush gardens. Three of these are also designed primarily for children.

The idea behind Rabbids @ Versailles was that Ubisoft’s Rabbids franchise is now 15 years old. And what better place to celebrate this than the beautiful Palace of Versailles?

The recommended age of playing Rabbids @ Versailles is 8 years and it can be downloaded for free on the App Store and Google Play. It is available in five languages. A quick reminder that the game can only be played inside the gardens of the Palace of Versailles and not from anywhere else.

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