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Casual town management sim QubeTown has just gone global

Built on blocky foundations

Casual town management sim QubeTown has just gone global
| QubeTown

Fantasy city builder QubeTown has just expanded its boundaries into international territory following a soft launch in select regions late last year.

Available for iOS and Android, the casual town management simulation puts a zany twist on the genre with its Minecraft-style visuals and adventure elements. Not only must players protect their cuboid residents from troll attacks, they can also lead them on dungeon runs.

QubeTown’s core gameplay involves constructing buildings, farming crops and trading with neighbouring settlements, but its fantasy themes and visuals set it apart. The game’s citizens coexist alongside dragons and will battle goblins during dungeon raids.

There are strong social elements to QubeTown too, as players can link up with other guilds, play mini-games with fellow users online and invite their friends to join the fun via Facebook integration..

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QubeTown is now available as a free download from the App Store and Google Play in all of the main territories, besides Korea, Japan, China, Denmark and the Netherlands.