Quantum Legacy is now completely free on iOS

Schroedinger's cat would be pleased

Quantum Legacy is now completely free on iOS
| Quantum Legacy HD

Quantum Legacy has been reduced to the rather attractive price of absolutely nothing.

Down from an eye-watering $19.99, the game was slashed arlier today.e

It's an on-rails shooter where you tap to shoot enemies and tilt to steer around the course.

There's an RPG progression system as well which lets you collect new shield-types and weapons, as well adaptive enemy AI and no loading screens. Which is nice.

What really makes the game stand out is its psychedelic soundtrack and flashy 3D graphical style in addition to the dyanmic difficulty.

It didn't review favourably on the site, only managing a 5/10 but now that it's free it could be worth another look.

The game can be downloaded on iOS right here