Puzzle Quest 3 - Tips, Hints and Cheats for getting started

Puzzle Quest 3 - Tips, Hints and Cheats for getting started

Match 3 and Slaughter Your Foes, Hero

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Puzzle Quest 3 is the latest instalment in the combat-based puzzler series from 505 Games and presents challenges for old and new players alike. The game is not the typical mobile puzzler as there is turn-based combat involved for those new to these experiences.

You end up in the wilderness and battle a couple of fearsome foes. After that, you save a woman who will end up playing an integral role in your adventures, as she is also on the game's cover art. The game blends puzzles, fighting, and storytelling all in one.

Five different classes make up the group of heroes. The Paladin, Necromancer, Shaman, Berserker, and Assasin. Each of them has its own unique styles and abilities to help you during battle. You can create a separate character and swap between classes if you wish. This is a good way to experiment a little bit and see which classes’ style suits you best out there.

For the most part, things can be pretty straightforward but some things can also be slightly confusing, even after playing the tutorial. But have no fear hero as we have some tips for you to help with your adventures through this beautiful but dangerous world.

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Always Try to Go For Skulls

You may have known this already if you played the tutorial in Puzzle Quest 3 but connecting three skulls can be important to your success. This is more of a mental tip than anything. Try not to forget about them as combining a few of these is one of the only ways to deal damage.

Luckily, the skulls are very easy to identify and stick out like a sore thumb. You'll have to connect other blocks to connect the skulls of course but doing so can bring you other benefits too. Putting some other blocks together can be used to shield you from attacks among other things.

Overall, in terms of attack power, three skulls will do the trick. Just remember that as not all blocks do as much damage as they do and sometimes, you can even turn other cubes into them. Talk about a nice advantage.

Take Advantage of Your Supers

Yes, Puzzle Quest 3 does offer super abilities for you to use and take out your foes. You just need to keep matching combinations and stringing them together. The more you do that, the faster you'll build up your super and have it ready.

These beauties are extremely powerful and will deal an amazing amount of damage. Feel free to use them during those battles with the big bosses. You'll make quick work of them with these moves. They take a little time to build up but it's worth it.

No matter what class you choose, each super deals a great amount of damage. Depending on the boss's health bar, you should take well more than half of their health. That in itself is absolutely worth the build-up.

Mix Up Your Spells

Spells give you ultimate variety when battling in Puzzle Quest 3. Starting out, you'll have two at your disposal that you can utilize. The ones you begin with are based on the class you select. For example, if you choose a Necromancer, you'll have frost-like spells while choosing a Shaman will grant you poison-based magic.

Connecting the respective coloured blocks will let you use the spells. One great thing is that there are two more slots you can unlock. Once these are available, then you'll have four whole spells at your disposal to dish out on your enemies.

You can gain these new slots very early at levels 4 and 5. Some of the spells have slow effects on bosses so you can combine this along with the pain you deliver with the skulls to make mincemeat of them. Remember too that, you have five seconds to match your blocks so you can get in more than one spell or a spell and a physical attack in one turn if you're quick enough. Happy battling.

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