Has Sony banned multiplayer for PSP Minis?

Source says yes. Gameloft says no

Has Sony banned multiplayer for PSP Minis?
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News continues to leak out about what developers can and can't do when it comes to making games for Sony's PSP Minis program.

We've heard from one source that it's been told its Minis games can't include multiplayer modes, or any connectivity features.

This makes some sort of sense as Sony wants to keep the price of the Minis down to under €5 and the file size down to under 100 MB.

Prohibiting relatively complex and, in most cases, underused features such as multiplayer streamlines the development for Minis, allowing developers to focus on their game's core single player mode.

However, Gameloft has already announced its UNO Mini game will include local and online multiplayer modes, so maybe larger publishers can negotiate with Sony if they really want to include such features.

But certainly it seems likely the first wave of Mini games - those released in 2009 at least - will be multiplayer-light experiences.

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