Sony launches huge 99p PSP Minis sale for February

40 titles get prices slashed in select PAL countries

Sony launches huge 99p PSP Minis sale for February
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Labelled as the App Store for PSP when it launched in late 2009, Sony's Minis sale for February brings the cost of the games on offer down to the price more akin to Apple's mobile marketplace.

The move is being labelled by Sony as an attempt to turn February into 'Minis month', with 40 games – split into two rounds of 20 – set to see their prices slashed from the standard price range of £2.49 to £3.99 to 99p.

The prices are only cut in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand however.

Mighty minis

"February 2nd to February 16th we'll have 20 titles available at this knockout price and then from February 16th through to March 2nd we’ll be offering 20 more," says Sony's Ross McGrath.

"These Minis will include some of our most popular titles and will come in all shapes and sizes, meaning there’s bound to be something for everyone."

Indeed, in the first round, the likes of Hero of Sparta, Zombie Tycoon and VT Tennis will be up for grabs, with the second batch of titles including Let's Golf, This is Football Management and Age of Zombies.

More details can be found on Sony's EU PlayStation Blog.

Still, it's not as radical a plan as some commentators have suggested Sony needs to practise.