Microsoft readying Project Gotham Racing for mobile

Kudos to Glu for bagging the Xbox's stylish street racer

Microsoft readying Project Gotham Racing for mobile

With Sony and Nintendo slugging it out with their PSP and DS handheld consoles, mobile is the only practical way for Microsoft to get some pocket gaming action. (Indeed, it's already announced a mobile version of Halo).

Now comes Project Gotham Racing, one of the megacorps' biggest successes on its Xbox consoles (pictured right).

It might sound like Batman doing a cameo turn on TV's Scrapheap Challenge, but Project Gotham Racing is in reality another high-calibre driving game headed for a home on mobile.

In Project Gotham Racing, it isn't just about who goes fastest. You're continually bestowed and docked 'kudos' points for everything from how you drift around corners to how you take advantage of your opponent's slipstream to get ahead with maximum style.

"The Project Gotham Racing franchise revolutionised the racing genre by rewarding gamers for driving with speed, style and daring," said Glu's CEO Greg Ballard, taking the words right out of our mouths. "Glu will create the definitive mobile racing experience by delivering this same exciting challenge optimised for the mobile platform."

You can take your foot off the pedal, however – Project Gotham Racing isn't due to hit the carrier's decks until early next year.

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