Casual hit Pro Zombie Soccer iPhone reduced to 59p

Once bitten, twice buy

Casual hit Pro Zombie Soccer iPhone reduced to 59p
| Pro Zombie Soccer

The iPhone development studio with arguably the best name on the App Store – Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team – has reduced the price of the excellent iPhone game Pro Zombie Soccer to just 59p/99c.

Don’t be fooled by the title: Pro Zombie Soccer isn’t a fully licensed version of England’s last World Cup campaign, but an action-packed flick game featuring a protagonist who, rather unfortunately, has already been bitten by the living dead.

Rather than take zombification like a man and wrap a rather pathetic bandage around the wound (before trying to desperately persuade others it was caused by an errant badger bite), our hero instead uses his footballing skills to smack as many of the undead in the face with a ball as possible.

The game’s developers, apart from having a cool name, are partially made up of former PopCap employees who worked on Plants vs Zombies, so its humour, rather than gritty apocalyptic realism, that’s on the cards here.

Pro Zombie Soccer scored a magnificent Pocket Gamer Silver Award when it was released back in June and is available to purchase using the link below.