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Power Rangers: Legacy Wars review - A decent fighter with a few twists and a few problems

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Power Rangers: Legacy Wars review - A decent fighter with a few twists and a few problems

What happens when you cross a popular television show that's recently been turned into a movie with a mobile brawler and Clash Royale?

Well, you get something that looks a little bit like Power Rangers: Legacy Wars I imagine. A big, shiny, free to play scrapper that might just tickle some nostalgia glands in just the right way.

It's by no means perfect, but there are some interesting ideas here and, if you're a fan of the Power Rangers you're probably going to fall a bit in love with it.

Ranging from good to bad

The game is a team-based fighter. You've got a lead Power Ranger, and two other rangers who can jump in and assist. Smash other players in the face to win.

There's a story about, well I don't really know what it's about, but it's an excuse to get Rangers from every generation of PW canon into the same time-line for some fisticuffs.

But this isn't just standard screen mashing. Instead your attacks are represented by cards at the bottom of the screen. Each of these cards has a power cost, and you've got an energy bar that fills up as you fight.

You've only get three cards at any one time, which limits your fighting options. You can swipe the screen to move about, and sometimes that's the best way to get away from your opponent's fists of fury.

Blocks don't cost anything, but you need to have the right card to pull them off. There's a rock-paper-scissors style attack wheel that means some punches are stronger than others too.

All of this adds a layer of tactics to the scraps that sets the game apart from other smacky punchy kick games, and it's very welcome.

You work your way through a PvP league system, collecting special boxes with timed unlocks that contain currency and new characters.

It's all reasonably standard, but there's a polish here that's hard to ignore. And the extra layers in the combat do make it pretty compulsive.

Flower arrangers

Still, the spectre of free to play hovers over the game. And there are some strange difficulty spikes that will see you taking a punishing beating a little too often.

That's the world we live in, but there are better balanced fighters out there. Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is fun while it lasts, and its soup of new rangers will keep fans interested.

But if your main reaction to a new PW movie is "eh" it's probably worth playing something else.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars review - A decent fighter with a few twists and a few problems

An interesting brawler with some good ideas and plenty of content to keep fans grinning