Power Rangers: Legacy Wars tips - How to get started

Morphin' to a better fighter

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars tips - How to get started

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars has hit the App Store, providing a surprisingly tactical game of card-based fisticuffs. It's certainly got more going on behind the eyes than any of the costumed buffoons prancing around in Saban's franchise.

All of which means that button mashing simply won't cut it. Approach the game with such an aggressively simplistic approach, and we guarantee you'll be knocked right on your Zordon.

Follow these beginner's tips, though, and you'll stand a fighting chance.

Paper, scissors, stone

At the heart of Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is a paper, scissors, stone system. Except it's called Strike, Defense, Breaker.

You have to instinctively understand how these different types of move correspond to the others if you're to succeed.

It's a little simplistic, but just keep in mind that Strikes beat Breakers, which break Defense, which nullify Strikes. Ideally you'll pick up which move your opponent is making from their character's animations, but the icon for each attack type will appear over their head as well.

Mighty movin' Power Rangers

Arguably the most important move in your arsenal is unlimited - the ability to move left and right. How you manage the space between yourself and your opponent will go a long way to determining the outcome of any given fight.

You can negate many of your opponent's attacks with moves. If they're cranking up a basic strike, a dodge back can leave them swiping at air. With a projectile attack, meanwhile, you can evade them by dodging towards your opponent at the appropriate time.

Time your blocks

If your leader is a Defense type, then blocking will be your staple move. Think of it as the first stage of an attack, and be ready to hit this when your opponent initiates a Strike. It will set up an easy counter.

The block initiates quickly, so don't be tempted to try and anticipate your opponent's attack - you'll just look silly as your opponent patiently waits to smash your face in.

Dealing with projectiles

We've touched on these points already, but it's worth reiterating how to deal with projectiles. These block-breaking attacks can be plenty damaging, but they take a while to charge up - and as we've just discussed, they can be negated with a well-timed dodge.

Alternatively, use their load-up time to initiate a quick strike attack, if you have one to hand.

Combo those attacks

On certain occasions you'll have two attack cards lined up at once. As soon as you've ascertained that your first strike is hitting home, hit that second card to smack your opponent with an unblockable combo.

Use your assistant cards carefully

It depends on the precise hero, but generally speaking your assistant cards should be used with utmost care. They're great as the second move in one of those aforementioned combo attacks, when you know you're going to have the opportunity to land an uninterrupted attack.

Experiment with assistants

Your two assistant rangers are really quite limited in the effect they can have, essentially representing an extra attack move. These can vary wildly in nature, however.

Some rangers provide projectile attacks, while others will give you a powerful close-range attack. The best advice here is to experiment - and keep in mind that your health is determined by the combined health of all three rangers. This stat matters, in other words.

Don't be wasteful with your upgrades

It's tempting to upgrade a ranger as soon as you can, but don't waste your shards. Only upgrade those rangers that you intend to use for the foreseeable future.

Join an alliance

Even if you're the sort of player who likes to fly solo, it's worth joining an alliance as soon as you hit level two. It's a great way to snag more Zeo Shards - the game's main currency for getting things done in a hurry.

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