How to get Pikachu as your starter in Pokemon GO

GO, Pikachu, I choose you!

How to get Pikachu as your starter in Pokemon GO
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"Nooo, Charizard is the best Pokemon, therefore Charmander is the best starter."

"No, clearly Bulbasaur's the best, it has two types."

"Charmander sucks, obviously Squirtle's the best. Just look at its cute little shell!"

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You're all wrong. Pikachu is by far the best starter on account of its adorability factor and ability to kick ass.

Luckily, you can now get the little fluffball as your starter in Pokemon GO.

All you have to do is reject the other three (we know, it's sad), walking away from them at the beginning rather than choosing one for your own.

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Then, when they return, reject them again. You may have to do this two or three more times, but it'll be worth it, for when they return again, Pikachu will also appear!

So you can Thunderbolt to your heart's content.

(Or, if you're wrong, evolve them into a Raichu.)