Pocket Gamer podcast: 'The new iPad' launch special

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Pocket Gamer podcast: 'The new iPad' launch special

Hello! Just Keith and me in the podcast booth this week, where we are creating fake Apple adverts and putting on vaguely offensive accents.

The main topic of discussion is, of course, the launch of Apple's latest tablet PC. We take a thorough look at the specs, discuss the implications of the new screen, and talk about why no other tablet maker is getting close.

Also in the News section of the podcast this week is Infinity Blade Dungeons; pretending to be trapped in one of those sterile Microsoft Kinect adverts; and yet another mention of my (completely fictional) dungeon in which I hide my victims.

In terms of mid-week releases, we have a bumper crop of good-looking games, including one that features a nemesis whose modus operandi appears to be solely driving kleptomaniacs insane.

There's a gap in the market, I guess.

Will Wilson
Will Wilson
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