iPhone gaming podcast: Episode 34

We're back!

iPhone gaming podcast: Episode 34

We’re back! Or at least Rob and I are again - Chris is still soldiering on in the Mediterranean like the brave soul he is. At any rate, apologies for the brief interruption in service, but we do have a good excuse.

I was dispatched to Cologne last week, to dig a trench and radio back any pocket gaming news from the front. I witnessed some good men and women come unstuck after facing such a brutal onslaught of gaming news - I myself almost lost my sense of humanity completely when the PSP Minis were announced.

But at least it’s given us plenty to talk about in this week’s podcast. For example: would toilets benefit from added conveyor belts, and should all mediums be put to death?

We also weigh in on the App Store approval hold up that’s causing stress for developers throughout the land, the new C64 emulator that may or may not still get a release on the App Store, and Apple’s future ambitions for gaming.

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