Pocket Legends on iPhone updated with better item and community features

Gift, stash and boot

Pocket Legends on iPhone updated with better item and community features
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Spacetime Studios' 3D dungeon bashing MMOG Pocket Legends has just received an update to its iPhone client.

Update 1.1 follows on from various tweaks and additions already made to the backend server, including over a dozen content updates and The Lost Expedition dungeon expansion.

The new update changes focus on gifting, stashing, vendors, NPC conversations, private tells, and more powerful game management.

"We are very fortunate to have an active and involved community on our forums," said Jake Rodgers, the game's art director.

"They let us know exactly what they want, and we listen. This allows us to constantly integrate their desires into our vision of the game."

More, more, dungeon keeper

Changes include:

Gifting: Items can now be traded one way (given) to other players.
Stashing: Items can now be stored in a stash, and transfered between your characters.
Vendors: NPCs sell different items in town.
Conversations: NPCs offer backstory.
Booting: Game hosts can kick players from their game.
Store: Added Platinum for premium items and packages.
Friends screen allows you to invite, join, and message your friends.
Login screen allows you to remember password.
Inventory screen requires confirmation to sell items.
Tap targeting is more forgiving of larger fingers.

You can see the full list of features on the game's forum, or check out this neat video.

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Pocket Legends is out now for iPhone and iPad, and free to play.