Spacetime Studios's Pocket Legends receives 'Mount Fang' update

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Spacetime Studios's Pocket Legends receives 'Mount Fang' update
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Pocket Legends, the portable MMO from Spacetime Studios, has just received an update in the form of the Mount Fang expansion pack.

As well adding an all new campaign and increasing the level cap to 66, the update brings some new items to the Platinum Store, along with few graphical fixes. Most significantly, the patch adjusts the game’s difficulty curve by reducing the amount of Experience required to level-up, making progression both quicker and easier.

Here is the Pocket Legends 1.7.4 changelog:

• Level cap raised to 66!
• Level curve adjusted: requires significantly less Experience across-the-board to level-up!
• The "Mount Fang" campaign has arrived! Experience a brand new free Campaign for level 59+ players, and anyone can visit Peak Fang Towne!
• New crafting forge available at Peak Fang Towne!
• New equipment and vanity items available in the Platinum Store with the release of "Mount Fang"!
• Brand new special Legendary vanity armor is available in Peak Fang Towne at the "Fallen Prince" for those who achieve level 66 before the next level cap adjustment!
• Fixed Djinn Healer attack animation and particle effects in Alien Oasis.
• Fixed icons for Mystery Armor crafting schematics at the Alien Oasis forge.

The folks at Spacetime Studios also provided an image of a pointy-toothed fellow who appears to be named 'Count Vlad'. Their advice: watch out for this guy!

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