MMO Pocket Legends now live on iPhone

Online fantasy RPG currently free to download

MMO Pocket Legends now live on iPhone
| Pocket Legends

3D massively multiplayer role-playing game Pocket Legends has gone live for iPhone and iPod touch.

Having been released on April 3rd for the iPad launch, the game has already started courting players with its colourful take on multiplayer questing.

The iPhone and iPad versions of the game are identical in terms of content, though differences in screen resolution and aspect ratio have influenced controls and interface design.

As producer Gary Gattis explained in an interview with us, "It was tough putting everything on the iPhone screen." Only vital elements like the health and magic gauges, attack button, and assorted necessities made the cut.

Downloading the game won't cost you anything, but you can purchase additional three additional campaigns - Dark Forest, Balefort Castle, and Fathom Crypt. Developer Spacetime Studios promises more campaigns soon.

Pocket Legends is now available for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad for free. Additional campaigns are priced at $1.99.