Freemium MMO Pocket Legends gets massive update

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Freemium MMO Pocket Legends gets massive update
| Pocket Legends

iPhone and iPad MMO Pocket Legends has received a massive number of new features in its latest update, version 1.3, released today.

An update so big it needs its own name, the feature bump is called Pocket Legends: Adventures and will apparently “fundamentally change the way the game is played”, according to developer Spacetime Studios.

The game now features the oft-requested quest system, giving you tasks to perfom in the game’s different locations. There are 19 quests in Forest Haven, 12 in Dark Forest and 18 in Balefort Castle, with more promised in future updates.

The update also packs in plenty of ways to get you into the action quicker: namely, quick-joining for campaign and PvP arena, as the game automatically picks out perfect pals or foes for you to do battle with.

Other new features include greater character customisation, an invisible random-number-rolling command, new inventory system sorting options, a world map, the ability to stash gold, various performance tweaks, and support for iOS 4 multitasking.

There are a number of bug fixes, too, most useful of which is the improved patching of large files, which should cut down on random disconnections.

Pocket Legends is a free app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, but is designed to let you get ahead by buying in-game currency through in-app purchases, which'll cost you anywhere between 59p and £29.99.