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Free iPhone game: Pocket Legends

Free on Wednesday 20th April

Free iPhone game: Pocket Legends
| Pocket Legends
App Store description:

"World of Warcraft in your pocket" - Yahoo! Tech
"The best online gameplay on the iPhone" - TouchArcade
"One of the best free iPad games of all time" - Appolicious

Pocket Legends: It's a Great Big World in Here :)

"Pocket Legends" is a ground-breaking and unique Mobile MMORPG, or 'massively-multiplayer online role-playing game' where you can join thousands of players from around the world. Play with your friends and make new friends online. Cooperate to undertake wild adventures in endless dungeon campaigns! Become a part of this unique fantasy epic! Assume the role of a powerful bear-like Ursan Warrior, mystical Elf Enchantress, or Avian Archer.

Play with anyone, anywhere, anytime!

New in 1.7:
- Level Cap raised to 55
- New Towne (Muck Hovel)
- 11 new maps (Balefort Sewers)
- 30 new quests
- Crafting system (with recipes and components)
- Quests-of-the-day (inside new micro-dungeons)
- Rings (add even more ways to augment your stats)
- A new advancement rate
- Greater XP awarded for bosses
- 6 ranks for your abilities
- Bonus Elite Level (56) for the truly hard-core


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- 3D real-time persistent iPhone MMO
- Plays across all devices (2g, 3g, 3gs, touch)
- Worldwide multiplayer adventures over Edge, WiFi, and 3G networks
- Client/server architecture supports thousands of players
- Upgrade and customize your avatar
- Thousands of loot items
- Dozens of skills
- Regular content updates
- Open World
- Multiple Townes
- Quests
- Trial Accounts
- Leaderboards
- Loadouts
- More Customization
- Improved Performance
- Secure Trade
- PvP
- Gifting
- Stashing
- Vendors
- Conversations
- Booting
- Friends
- Join Filter

Languages: English

"Pocket Legends" requires wireless, Edge, or 3G connection and an iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 2nd Generation (or later) with iPhone OS v3.0 (or later).

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