Ayopa Games' retro-tastic four-way co-op RPG Pocket Heroes out for iOS on 10 May

Swords with friends

Ayopa Games' retro-tastic four-way co-op RPG Pocket Heroes out for iOS on 10 May
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One of the most frequent complaints leveled against mobile games is their lack of online and/or cooperative play.

Enter Pocket Heroes, the purported first mobile multiplayer RPG to only offer cooperative play, which has received a release date and price.

MMORPG players eager to bring the online experience to their iPhone and iPad will pay a modest price of $1.99, €1.59 or £1.49 and will be able to download the game on 10th May.

Road well travelled

Published by Ayopa Games and developed by F5 Games, it uses familiar RPG mechanics and settings, including retro-style 8-bit graphics

Amidst the fantasy world of Altair lurks an assortment of fantasy races (dwarven mechie, human paladin, elf rogue, lunar priestess etc). There will be six playable classes available at launch with more planned for future updates.

Quests and exploration revolve around parties of up to four players, with more loot and XP rewarded for maxed out groups. All the gameplay is turn-based.

Make a quest

The unique selling point, however, is while other games have attempted to offer multiplayer turn-based combat (such as Dragon Quest IX) as an optional gameplay mode, it will be the only mode available in Pocket Heroes.

This might limit its audience, but at least it should ensure the game is very social. Pocket Heroes will use Game Center in terms of organising friends and creating groups to go on quests.

You can see how it plays in the following video.

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