Pocket God worshipped by over 2 million iPhone followers

Thou shalt not stop playing Pocket God

Pocket God worshipped by over 2 million iPhone followers
| Pocket God

It seems rather fitting that iPhone gaming phenomenon Pocket God has so many devout followers, having sold over 2 million paid copies on the App Store.

"We couldn’t be happier with the turnout we’ve seen at the island," says Bolt Creative CEO Dave Castelnuovo. "The community has been absolutely incredible embracing this game. From the thousands of YouTube videos to the homemade Halloween costumes to the valuable user feedback we’ve received, we can’t thank our community enough for our success."

Pocket God boasts more than just a legion of followers, however. The game has seen over 30 free updates, and enjoyed gaming cross-overs with similarly worshipped iPhone titles like Doodle Jump and Harbor Master.

It's also shifted as many as 100,000 units a week at peak times, suggesting that a whole new religion is in the making that fits surprisingly well with Dan Brown's notions of the apotheosis of man - could the lost symbol actually be the Pocket God App Store icon?

Probably, yeah.