Bolt Creative reveals the making of Pocket God

Made in a week. Supported for over four months

Bolt Creative reveals the making of Pocket God
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Continuing our Making of series over on, we're talking to programmer Dave Castlenuovo about how he, together with Allen Dye, came up with the idea for million-selling 'island torture simulator' Pocket God.

Of course, Pocket God is also famous as the most updated game on the App Store, with 23 additional downloads to-date.

On that subject Castlenuovo says; "We have a ton of updates still in us. As long as people are still interested in purchasing the app, we will still be making updates."

He thinks this is a route that more developers should explore.

"When they add updates, they usually add leader boards or user interface changes but why not add more levels?" he queries. "I'm glad to see that some devs are coming around to this. Harbor Master is looking to add levels and new mechanics every week. Minigore is committing to doing episodic content as well."

As for the success of Pocket God - well that was one big surprise.

"I'm surprised by all of it. I'm surprised by its success. I'm surprised we are still working on it and it's still going strong. I'm surprised that kids love it so much they curse us and call us liars when our updates get delayed," Castlenuovo reveals.

Head over to to get the full interview, and hit the 'Buy It!' button to get your hands on Pocket God (price 99c or 59p) right now.