Pocket God to include customisation micro-transactions

Reskin the T-Rex for 99c

Pocket God to include customisation micro-transactions
| Pocket God

Whether you like it or not, micro-transactions are coming to iPhone games.

The latest announcement is for Pocket God.

Its next update will be free but it'll also contain the option for you to pay 99c (€0.79, 59p) to customise the T-Rex with five different skins, various hats as well as tattoos.

In an interview with, Dave Castelnuovo, from developer Bolt Creative, says future updates will add further customisation options for the island and other objects that the pygmies can interact with.

As to the question of why micro-transactions are being added to Pocket God, Dave says that's simple.

"Without micro-transactions, the only way a team can justify ongoing development of a game is if they have a constant stream of new users, which is not sustainable over a long period of time."

With 25 free updates already out for Pocket God - the 26th will unleash zombie pygmies - Dave says micro-transactions will enable them to keep the hardcore fans happy.

"If you're a core user and can throw a buck or two a month into your favourite games, then you become the driving force in its revenue stream and have a greater voice in the direction of future content and development," he says.

You can read the full interview with Dave - We need to be frank with gamers and explain why we need micro-transactions - over on