Pocket God throws piranhas into the island mix

Feed the hungry fishes in Harbor Master homage

Pocket God throws piranhas into the island mix
| Pocket God

Pocket God Episode 23 (aka Bait Master) isn't quite live on the App Store as we write this, but it will be soon.

Of course, the million-selling iPhone and iPod touch game, which sees you acting as the god of pygmies on a desert island, is more about wreaking vengeful death on your subjects, not life.

Episode 23 is no different as in a homage to line management game Harbor Master, you have to direct hungry piranhas to feast on those wriggling pygmies, guiding the fish back to the edge of the screen when their bellies are full. The more pygmies are consumed, the faster the piranhas arrive.

In order to open up the mini-game, you'll have to unlock the underwater area by summoning the tsunami from Episode 18, Surf's Up.

"With each episode, we've been pushing Pocket God in the direction of more interactivity, more engaging gameplay, and more ways to have fun wreaking havoc on your island," said Dave Castelnuovo of Bolt Creative.

"With the previous episode, Ooga Jump, and now with Bait Master, we've essentially developed and released full-fledged games for free. Twenty three episodes in, I think it's safe to say Pocket God is just about the best value on the app store."

Pocket God is available now for 99c or 59p. Hit the Buy It! button to get your own island.