Pocket God offers 99c T-Rex skins in Good Will Haunting

Free update, pay for extras

Pocket God offers 99c T-Rex skins in Good Will Haunting
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The latest update to Pocket God might be the most significant yet.

It's still free but it's the first to include additional downloadable content that you have to buy to get your hands on, and that also means you’ll need to be running OS 3.0 to play it.

Called Good Will Haunting, the basic update lets you make ghost pygmies by the usual sacrifice methods. You can then guide the ghost pygmies around the island or help them cross over by moving them into the light.

Of course, you can just use your ghost to haunt living pygmies by tracing different gestures, or pressing on the ghost to make him wail.

When it comes to making your T-Rex looks like a pygmy, turning him into a robot T-Rex or adding a sombrero hat however, you'll have to pay 99c, €0.79 or 59p for the privilege.

Developer Dave Castelnuovo says this is an experiment to see if it can make enough revenue via micro-transactions to keep pumping out free updates for everyone.

"Without micro-transactions, the only way a team can justify ongoing development of a game is if they have a constant stream of new users, which is not sustainable over a long period of time," he explains.

Pocket God is available now priced 99c, €0.79 or 59p. Hit the Buy It! button to go to the App Store.
Jon Jordan
Jon Jordan
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