Pocket God episode 26 will unearth zombie pygmies

And they dance to Thriller

Pocket God episode 26 will unearth zombie pygmies
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Do those Bolt Creative guys never sleep?

Having just released episode 25 of Pocket God - 'Sharks With Frickin' Laserbeams Attached to Their Heads' - Dave Castelnuovo is already talking about episode 26.

It will introduce zombie pygmies.

"There is a new area that is located to the right of the T-Rex island that contains the Pygmy Graveyard. There is a tree with a spider web (future update) and a grave that you can use to take a pygmy and bury him alive.

"Then the ancient seal on the grave causes the pygmy to come back as a zombie who proceeds to eat the brains of the other pygmies on the island (which turns them into zombies as well)," he writes on the Pocket God TouchArcade forum.

"Zombies are not very sturdy so they blow apart in a cloud of flakey skin when you try and do anything with them, but they do love to dance when they are not eating brains. In fact, they know all the dance moves to Thriller. See what we did there? A little tribute to MJ. The dance is amazing! Allan did such a good job on it."

He also points out that after 26 updates, his biggest challenge is trying to come up with fresh ideas that are just as impactful as the first 10.

However, there is a new Bolt Creative game in development.

"We don't have an official announcement at this point but this is just a heads up that it might be coming fairly soon," he says.

[source: TouchArcade]