Pocket God episode 24 brings buddy challenges to death island

And skinny white underpants

Pocket God episode 24 brings buddy challenges to death island
| Pocket God

The updates to everyone's favourite Polynesian torture simulator continue to flow.

The most important addition to episode 24 - aka "Idle Hands 2: Caught With Your Pants Down" - is the ability to challenge other players.

This happens in terms of Pocket God's mini-games such as Ooga Jump, Bait Master, Hurricane Zaps, Coconut Bounces, Bird Bombs, and Shark Snaps.

This is enabled using the OpenFeint social networking platform so your scores in these games are available to online leaderboards as well as for comparison with individual friends and enemies.

Less competitively, there are also five new pygmy idle animations.

Unattended pygmies will now: beat their chests; sneeze; think about different types of food (complete with thought bubbles); remove the bone from their hair (to show off their flowing locks); and lose their skirts.

This animation comes in two variations: one for those pygmies who sport tighty whities, and one for those who prefer to go commando - complete with censor bar to keep things E for Everyone.

Pocket God is available priced 99c, €0.59 or 59p. Updates are free. Hit the Buy It! button to go direct to the App Store.

Episode 24 is due to go live in the next week or so.