Pocket God comes to iPad in a Journey to Uranus

Prepare for a stellar mini-game collection

Pocket God comes to iPad in a Journey to Uranus

It's long been rumoured but finally Bolt Creative has confirmed that Pocket God is coming to iPad in the shape of Pocket God: Journey to Uranus.

It won't be a typical HD version of the original iPhone game however.

Instead, created in conjunction with Sword of Fargoal developer Fargoal, it's a from scratch standalone release which Bolt's Dave Castlenuovo describes as being a collection of mini-games.

"We've rethought the island setting and are taking the pygmies into space," he explains with a gleam in his eye.

"We didn't just want to do a bigger version of Pocket God, so this is something different; based around mini-games rather than being a sandbox experience."

Above and beyond

The game starts off on the traditional desert island however, with a Paper Toss-style mini-game getting you to throw your pygmies into the volcano. But instead of them creating a firestorm as before, now they will be fired into space to continue their adventures.

Floating around in the stars, there will be a mini-game based around old skool shooter Tempest, while the Uranus mini-game level will be based around Joust.

New planets will be themed in Roman deity form with Mars, the god of war, and Mercury, the messenger, involving some sort of speed-based challenge. We can but hope that the pygmies will meet Sonic.

As you'd expect, even in the early stages of the game that we've seen, it features some neat torture touches, so as the pygmies are floating around in space, you get to drag them onto the different planets, and as they fall through the atmosphere, they'll start to heat up and catch fire.

Price point

With the game not expected to be released until the autumn, there are some aspects which remain up in the air though. Most notable is how the new planets will be provided and paid for.

At the moment, it's looking like they will be in-app purchases, although the traditional Pocket God free update route hasn't been ruled out. Obviously, the game will be priced considerably higher than the iPhone's 99c either way.