Out of the beast of Crysis comes iPhone's Pocket Creatures

Tamagotchi meets Black & White and Viva Pinata

Out of the beast of Crysis comes iPhone's Pocket Creatures
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Remember Crysis?

The PC shooter was set on a tropical island in which the North Koreans, Americans and aliens fought each other until everything got frozen. And then everyone started fighting again.

Now take those thoughts and throw them away.

Asbjoern Soendergaard maybe have worked on Crysis as development manager, but his latest game is completely different.

Pocket Creatures is an open-ended Tamagotchi-type experience in which you have to look after a pet, which lives on an exotic island lacking US Marines and alien weaponry.

In fact, in lazy journalistic shorthand I'm calling it Tamagotchi meets Black & White and Viva Pinata.

Crack an egg

You start your adventure by choosing your creature's colour and hatching it from its egg. Then it's up to you to guide your creature through its island habitat.

There are a variety of plants and animals to interact with and explore. And as you discover new things to do, it will affect your creature's abilities and its relationship with its surroundings.

What it eats, when it eats, when it sleeps, what you teach it to love or hate; all can influence its behaviour and appearance.

You can also plant a garden with seeds that produce magical fruit, providing your creature with special abilities it can use to change its environment, and discover new objects and surprising abilities.

Conclusion - Pocket Creatures is about experimentation, exploration and discovery, not blowing things up, but you'd already guessed that right?

You can see how it works in the following video.

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"Our philosophy in founding Tactile Entertainment was to bring a new kind of game to the iPhone platform," said Asbjoern Soendergaard, founder and CEO. "With Pocket Creatures, we feel that we will set a new benchmark for visual fidelity and deliver weeks of open ended gameplay that will change the way everyone thinks about gaming on the iPhone."
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