Pocket Creatures hatches on iPhone and iPad

Tamagot-a catch them all

Pocket Creatures hatches on iPhone and iPad
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Since Tamagotchi got us all caring about virtual pets, a plethora of digital animal simulators have attempted to be as cute as possible in order to gain our affection.

Pocket Creatures is one such game, and it was released today for iPhone and iPad.

Finding a mysterious egg amongst the wildlife on an ancient island, you're tasked with hatching it and then taking care of the creature which springs forth.

Depending on how you treat and teach your little critter, it'll grow a personality to reflect its upbringing. Treat it kindly and it'll grow up sweet and kind: give it tough love and you'll experience a more devilish outcome.

The island is home to many other strange animals which your pet can interact and play with. Magic plants can also be planted, which provide your little fella with special powers.

Asbjoern Soendergaard, Founder and CEO of Tactile Entertainment, said of the game: "[Concerning] Pocket Creatures, we’ve created an incredibly deep, rich and complex experience on Apple’s mobile platform."

“What’s more, despite the amount of variety and complexity we’ve put into the game, it’s very intuitive and easy for just about anyone to jump right into and immediately start having fun.”

Pocket Creatures is now available from the App Store for $2.99 / £1.79.
Mike Rose
Mike Rose
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